Information regarding navigation

Start Date 4 Apr 2021 - 15:01
End Date

Notification use of Shore tension activate


Please be advised that due to the latest weather forecast,  Gale force winds are expected and vessels with large lateral surface arriving at MV I & MVII are advised to order a minimum of 2 shore moorings ahead of time.

Windspeeds exceeding 12.8 m/s are expected tomorrow April 5 07:00 hrs


Maximum conditions under which the ship might pose to be a danger or cause hindrance to other ships or infrastructure:

• 250 - 300 meter LOA: 18,7 meter / second (Beaufort 8)

• 300 - 350 meter LOA: 15,3 meter/second   (Beaufort 7)

• 350 - 400 meter LOA: 12,8 meter / second (Beaufort 6)

  1. All wind speeds measured on board the vessel. .
  2. All wind directions perpendicular to the vessel's side offshore or 45 degrees forward or aft
  3. According a report of a leading research institute: Royal Haskoning DHV

Under such conditions the use of a minimum of 2 tugboats or 2 shore moorings as breast lines as additional measures is necessary to keep the vessel safely alongside.

These additional measures must be in place 2 hours before these conditions are expected.