Information regarding navigation BAAK

Start Date 24 Nov 2022 - 11:31
End Date

Please be advised:

The following navigational information is available:

Due to unforeseen changes in the current at the BAAK location (new tunnel km 1016.5) and its influences on passing traffic we hereby issue the following extra measures:

From the 12th of November 08.00 hours all vessels, in- ├índ outward bound, with a length exceeding 140 meters, are obligated to use 1 assistance tug while passing the BAAK location when the flood current exceeds the rate of 1 knot.

This measure will stay active for as long the jack-up vessel Neptune is positioned in the mid-fairway and is additional to previous issued PIN shown below.

In the following weeks contractor BAAK will be carrying out construction work in The Scheur on the Maasdeltatunnel. 
The work will be done with the jack-up vessel Neptune.
See also Notice to Mariners (BAS 182/2022).
When the Neptune is working in the middle of the fairway (starting from about the 12th of November until 28th of November) vessels sailing to/from the Botlek area, 1e and 2e Petroleumhaven area (now also being assisted by tugs) are requested to (dis)connect the tugs at Maassluis.

In other words tugs are needed for a slightly longer trajectory to ensure safe passage of the working area in both directions.  
This will require extra capacity from the tug companies.
Please take this into account in your planning..

For more information please contact the Harbour Coordination Center:
Tel: +31 10 252 1000
VHF: Ch. 11 / 14