Information regarding navigation/Maas Entrance/MPI Adventure

Start Date 29 Jul 2020 - 16:58
End Date

Please be advised that the following navigational information is available: 

The commencement of the cable laying operations across the Maasgeul on 30th of July have been postponed for 24 hours. 

The works will now commence at 16-08-2020 from approximately 13:45 until  22:00 hrs LT ( update on the exact time window will follow as soon as availible)

During these operations the Maasgeul will be closed to navigation for Eurogeul and/or Maasgeul bound vessels (vessels with a draft of more than 14.30m). The duration of the work is expected to be 8 hours.

For more information or updates on the time frame, please contact the Harbour Coordination Centre or Traffic Centre Rotterdam