Information regarding navigation - Construction Maasdeltatunnel / Blankenburgverbinding

Start Date 6 Apr 2023 - 15:42
End Date

This is a message to inform you about the following activities in the Port of Rotterdam that might have an impact on your operations.

 Please be advised that the fairway ‘Het Scheur’ will be blocked for all waterborne traffic during 26 hours on 29th April 09:30 till  30th April 11:30.
Previously was communicated on the 15th April but this date is cancelled. 

The hindrance is caused by the construction work on the Maasdeltatunnel (or Blankenburgverbinding). A second tunnel segment will be transported and submerged on the bottom of the fairway.


After the tunnel segment is placed a period of 3 days will follow during which limited speeds apply to all traffic.

 Port Information Notices:
Blockage:        BAS 063 Scheur / Nieuwe Waterweg | Port Information Notices (
Speed limits:  BAS 064 Rotterdam Scheur | Port Information Notices (


For more information please contact the Harbour Coordination Center:
Tel: +31 10 252 1000
VHF: Ch. 11 / 14


also State Harbour Master of the Rotterdam-Rijnmond Region